Geolocation and data collection with on-board vehicle hardware

SULO provides equipment adapted to the waste collection with a technical system to recognize and record which bin is collected and his weight. We have an onboard vehicle hardware to localize the truck, collect data and transfer them to our system.

Data recording via integrated truck hardware creates a new dimension in transparency and waste collection optimization. You receive precise trip data and document the emptying processes. This is a milestone in making the efficiency of waste disposal measurable and to be able to make lasting improvements. The database also enables the real-time readout of collection and the management of your fleet via SULO software.

The identification module which reads the RFID chip of the bin, is fitted to the rear of the waste collection truck and automatically records all data during collection. The data can be consulted in real-time or by history. There are currently around 2500 vehicles equipped with this proven SULO system around the world. The process of bin identification is linked with the weighing system technology such that the waste quantity of each bin is traceably registered and can be used as the basis for automated invoicing of each household. The module in the vehicle’s cab is the interface for compiling of GPS data, depicting the routes and to fleet management.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automatic readout of the RFID chip in the bin using the module at the rear of the truck
  • Real-time monitoring of your waste collection vehicles activity : waste collection process, geolocation
  • Collect event during the collection tour (damaged bins which needed maintenance, event on the road, etc)
  • Valid trip data and documentation of the emptying procedures
  • Data for pay-as-you-throw invoicing by linking to the weighing system technology
  • Securing data by transferring them to a secure platform – Have a secure platform to transfer data
  • Management of collection data


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