Cleaning service for litter bins

SULO’s high-quality litter bins are the ambassadors of cleanliness in every city. It is therefore all the more important that they are in as clean, empty and undamaged a condition as possible, al-ways and everywhere. Since the number of litter bins is often in the thousands per city, installation, maintenance and servicing is a real challenge for the intelligent process planning of a municipality.

SULO not only supplies you with a variety of perfectly designed bins that motivate citizens to separate and dispose of waste, we also offer you a complete logistics and service programme for economical and trouble-free operation with the experience of Europe’s leading waste management specialist.


Bin management perfection

If required, we can take over your inventory management and inventory planning with quantity and storage planning, manage your spare parts warehouse and take care of the demands of your citizens.

We coordinate the complete planning starting from the distribution of new bins directly from the factory to the consumer. Our service of course includes regular maintenance and repair, including replacement of defective bins, as well as careful cleaning and disinfection of existing bins. When the end of a life cycle is reached, recollection and environmentally friendly recycling are carried out within the framework of the principles of our circular economy approach.

In order to make planning around installation, maintenance and servicing even more effective, cer-tain litter bins can be equipped with a chip. Using the latest RFID transponder technology from SULO, the litter bins can be reliably located and the necessary steps can be planned efficiently and in a resource-saving manner. In order to leave a positive impression, regular cleaning by our trained teams is part of our offer, if required also for specific occasions.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Clean litter bins are a business card for your city
  • All services around installation, maintenance, cleaning, disposal from one source
  • Full transparency and cost control
  • Longer lifespans thanks to proper servicing and maintenance
  • The reliability and operational safety of the leading waste disposal company


SULO Experience

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