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Company Update on  Covid-19 

Supplier information on the current situation in the SULO Group.

Dear suppliers and partners,

As the world continues to face this unprecedented global pandemic COVID-19, our first priority at SULO is to keep our employees safe and healthy and that we are able to supply our customers to avoid any disruptions that would adversely impact their collection operations.

As a company, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that we meet these objectives. The drop or the postponement of incoming orders led us to temporarily adapt our production capacity but without jeopardizing our ability to deliver. We have to pay specific care to our supplies in raw material and components. Thus, we would like to thank you for the flexibility and the transparency you would offer in your supplies and services during this crisis.

Our service operations (delivery of new bins, maintenance and washing of bins and voluntary deposits) have also been adjusted according to current priorities. In agreement with customers involved, major operations of implementation of bins or voluntary deposit containers have been postponed. For sanitary purpose, we have restricted our service operations to the supply of new bins (with no return of the existing bin and no contact with the citizen. Eventually, most of our sales and administrative teams are working remotely from home.

One of our priorities is the stability of our supply chain, as our public and private customers count on us to be able to operate waste collection services that in many cases are critical in this period. Please be sure that our teams will be particularly open to discuss any issues you may face in your capabilities to supply or services with the necessary flexibility that requires this specific situation.

We thank you once again for your understanding and transparency and we thank you in advance to share with us the priority given to the health and to the future of our employees and citizens.

Be sure that you can count on the loyalty of SULO to continue to partner with you at their best under these unusual circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your supply chain representative.

Michel Kempinski & Jean-Marie Vaissaire
Management of the SULO Group

Message from 24/03/2020

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