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Update on  Covid-19 

Business Continuity

To our customers and partners,

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 crisis, SULO Group is fully committed to bring you the best response in order to allow the continuity of your collection operations. We have taken the necessary measures in order to adapt our working and safety procedures to the sanitary constraints and regulations enforced in each country where we operate.
In all our subsidiaries, our sales, services and back-office teams are there daily to support you.

Public health and continuity of the waste collection are basic needs of our local territories during this pandemy and more than ever SULO is your partner to provide you with the needed containers solutions for all type of waste.

Our factories (in Langres and in Herford) remain fully capable to deliver you with needed containers for this purpose and full priority has been given in our production to the potentially infectious medical waste (PIMW or DASRI) bins.
Our sites in Chalon sur Saône and in Stadtlohn specialized in the supply of Voluntary Deposit Systems are also able to deliver you with banks or underground systems. During the epidemy that we are suffering, it is to be highlighted that voluntary deposit points (4 wheel bins, banks) appear as an effective way to collect big quantities of waste with a low exposure for employees in charge of collection services and without any contact with the waste (ie. no risk of infection).

Our sales teams are available to study with you the most suitable solutions to allow you to maintain or to resume the collection of residual waste during the confinement while reducing drastically all risks of infections both for the collection operators and for the end-users.

Our field service teams (delivery, maintenance, washing and disinfection, implementation of Voluntary Deposit Systems) are also capable of servicing container fleet when needed to put in service or ensure availability of critical collection points while fulfilling all requirements in terms of sanitary protection.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams during this period. On the field of from home, we will be here to support you.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your account representative or customer care.

Michel Kempinski
President of SULO Group

Message from 01/04/2020

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